Understanding Solar Panel Durability

solar panel durability

How solar panels are manufactured

The panels are manufactured using solar cells and put inside a sturdy glass that offers the needed protection. Underneath this glass, you get a layer of insulation and a back sheet that offers protection. The technology applied helps protect the panel from humidity and heat. This ensures that the solar PV system, works efficiently. The solar panels also contain an anti-reflective coat that makes them absorb maximum heat from the sun. Here are some of the factors that make solar panels break.

Can Solar Panels Break?

Modern solar panel manufacturers have advanced their technology. Most of the solar panels can last for the duration of twenty-five to thirty years. However, the panels are still bound to breakdown. They are made in a way that can withstand strong impacts and weather elements, but with time they are still prone to damage. There are certain extreme elements that they cannot withstand. It is worth knowing some of the factors that can make your solar panel to break so that you can try to prevent such problems from occurring. It might be hard to control the weather, but there are several actions you can take to prevent such damages and enhance its overall lifespan. Before looking at some of the things that can make your solar panels break, let’s look at how they are made.

Falling Debris

There is a wide range of debris that can fall onto your solar panel. Some of them include dirt, twigs, leaves and others. They can lead to small scratches on your panels that affect their level of efficiency. They affect the overall energy output by reducing the level of solar energy the panel can absorb. This happens because these scratches hinder the sun from shining directly to the panel cells. There is heavier debris including acorns of full branches that can lead to severe damage to the solar system. To reduce this problem, make sure there are no trees near or overhead the solar panels. Besides, you can also clean the panels regularly to avoid the accumulation of debris on them.

Hail storms

Hail storms are a major cause of solar panel breakdown. You can do little to prevent hailstones from damaging your panel system, but if your area is prone to hailstorms, you can install smaller panels to reduce the extent of the damage.

Water damage

Just like water can cause havoc to your home, it can still do the same to your solar PV system. The water mostly comes from old or damaged seals. The damage happens because as the sealant ages, it becomes ineffective and allows water leakage. When this occurs, short-circuiting occurs and the different components of the panels degrade. To prevent water from damaging your solar panel, it is advisable you hire a professional contractor to reseal your solar panels. The contractor will also advise on anything else that can be done to the panel to avoid further water damage.

Dysfunctional solar inverters and other components

In case you face problems with your solar panels, but there is no visible damage, there may be some dysfunctional components. You need to call your solar panel contractor to examine and determine the problem. One of the parts that may be causing your solar panels to dysfunctional is the inverter. If there is disconnection, it means your panels cannot work right. Other problems that may be causing problems include worn out terminals or blown fuses.
The above are some of the factors that might cause the breakdown of your solar PV system. Besides preventing these issues from affecting your panel efficiency, regular maintenance, monitoring and instant repairs can go a long way in enhancing the overall functionality and efficiency of your solar panels.