Things you Should Know About Solar PV Systems


Solar energy is quickly becoming one of the cheapest and widely used renewable energy sources throughout the world. A Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system uses special panels to capture the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity that can be used to power practically anything. As the cost of solar energy continues to drop throughout North America, more households and businesses are making the switch from fossil fuel energy to renewable solar energy. If you are considering changing how you get your electricity, feel free to take a look at some key information regarding solar PV systems found below:

How Does it Work?

Every solar PV system from Vancouver to St. John’s works by using special solar cells that absorb solar energy. These cells are interconnected on a panel or array of various sizes depending on a particular energy demand. No matter how large or small a solar panel may be, it is connected to what is known as an inverter, which is designed to take the direct current (DC) power gathered and generated by the PV cells and convert that power into an alternating current (AC) which is compatible with the existing electrical grid that powers your home or commercial property. The AC output from the solar PV system is sent to your electrical panel where it is distributed accordingly for quick and convenient use.

Saves Money

With solar energy powering your home or commercial property, you will quickly see the cost of your monthly electrical bill drop drastically. In fact, most governments including the province of British Columbia offer its residents a tax rebate on renewable energy systems like solar PV that are connected to the power grid. Furthermore, you can save money on the initial installation of your new PV system thanks to finance and loan options available that lead to instant savings.

A Good Investment

Although solar PV systems have been around for a while now, there are still plenty of incentives like the ones described above that make solar energy systems such a good investment. The amount of money you save on your bill, and the rebates you can get from selling power back to the grid can actually earn you money over time. As Solar PV technology improves, and its popularity grows however, these incentives will slowly be scaled back, making now a better time than ever to invest in your own solar PV system.

Durable and Long Lasting Equipment

The solar panel systems that are manufactured today are among the most durable and long lasting pieces of equipment you will ever have on your property. Just like a standard shingle roof, solar panels are meant to stand up to whatever the elements have to offer and will remain intact for decades. Even in a place like Vancouver, which is known to experience a great deal of precipitation throughout the year, solar panels made from tempered glass will continue to function without any issues. In the unlikely event that a panel gets damaged by the elements, most manufacturers offer a 25-year warranty that covers damage and guarantees a standard level of power generation.

Easy to Maintain

Unless there is something that is directly obstructing the sunlight from reaching your solar PV system, it is unlikely that you will ever have to clean or perform any upkeep on your solar panels. No matter where you choose to install solar panels on your property, whether at ground level or on your roof, maintenance will always be minimal. Furthermore, beyond the solar panel arrays and the inverter connected to each one, there is no other equipment (such as a battery station) required for solar PV systems to generate and store power. Any power you generate which is not used can be stored on the power grid itself!

For more information about how solar PV systems work, and how they can benefit any resident or business owner in Vancouver, be sure to contact Vancouver solar panel installation company today!