What is the Average Cost of Solar Panels for Schools in BC?

A whole school installed solar panels to save their electrical fee

While many homeowners and private business owners are already taking advantage of the benefits of solar energy production, there are a number of organizations that still may be unsure if solar energy is right for them. It is becoming more common these days for large organizations like schools and universities, in particular, to weigh the pros and cons of adopting … Read More

What Factors Determine Solar Panel Efficiency?

vancouver contractors is installing the solar panel on the commercial building

Solar energy is quickly developing into the next major source of renewable energy used by businesses and individuals all over the world. As the popularity and knowledge about solar energy panels continue to expand, more and more people may find themselves wondering about solar panel efficiency. To help you get a solid understanding of what contributing factors help determine solar … Read More

15 Common Residential Uses of Solar Power in Your Homes

residential solar power

Solar power is an excellent source of energy in many homes around the world. Solar energy panels have gained popularity in recent years with the many benefits offered. The power from the sun is leveraged and is used in different ways in many homes. Here are the 15 common residential uses of solar power in your homes.   Common Residential … Read More

8 Simple Steps to Plan a Home Solar Electric System in 2020

8 simple home solar planning steps

Installing a home solar system in Vancouver is a great investment. It is a way of ensuring that your home will be self-sufficient when it comes to energy. Besides, the panels save you a lot of money you would otherwise spend on electricity bills. However, it is good to note that the efficiency of the panel will be highly determined … Read More

Understanding Solar Panel Durability

solar panel durability

How solar panels are manufactured The panels are manufactured using solar cells and put inside a sturdy glass that offers the needed protection. Underneath this glass, you get a layer of insulation and a back sheet that offers protection. The technology applied helps protect the panel from humidity and heat. This ensures that the solar PV system, works efficiently. The … Read More