Solar Grid Tie Facts

Canadian Solar Potential

Solar energy is the cleanest, most abundant, renewable energy source available.

Germany is the leading country for installed solar capacity, yet Canada has a more than 30% higher solar resource.

1 kW of PV Panels

Size = 80 square feet (12.5W per SF)

Expected product life = 30 years



Each kW of PV installed on a home will

Reduce electrical consumption by 1000 – 1350 kWh per year.

Each 1kw solar electric system will reduce the average homes power consumption by 10% (half the BC Conservation Target) and costs less than most equivalent conservation methods.

GHG Reduction

Each 1kw solar electric system will reduce the GHG contribution between 870-1174kg CO2 eq. over its expected life.




System Costs have changed by 50% in 5 years

1.5kW = $5.00/watt installed

2.5kW = $4.50/watt installed

6kW = $3.50/watt installed (Permit fees)

The installed price can continue to come down if the barriers to implementing solar electricity are reduced.

Cost per kWh

@ $3.50/w = $0.09  $0.12 kWh

Solar PV module prices alone have decreased over 75% since 2008.

The use of solar electricity is growing rapidly, with global production and markets more than tripling since 2009.


Relative PV Size to displace specific loads

500W = 18 cu ft Refrigerator

1000W = Electric Vehicle 7676km per year

2400W = Electric Hot Water Tank

Job Creation

A proven track record of 35.5 green Jobs per MW.

Per unit of electricity generation, solar PV creates 11 times more jobs than natural gas or coal.

The majority of the jobs are installers which live and contribute to their local communities.



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