Greener Energy Grants Canada

  • Reduced Energy Consumption

    Producing clean power lowers your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

  • Install Solar Panels

    Start living green by adding solar panels on your home.

  • Start Saving

    Solar installations are PST exempt which helps reduce your initial investment.

Who is Eligable?

The federal government launched its Canada Greener Homes Grant this year. You can now apply for the Greener Homes Grant and put it towards a solar panel system.

What To Expect

When the federal government launched its Canada Greener Homes Grant that you can receive up to $5000 to put towards installation of Solar Panels.

How To Qualify

Homeowners must prove you live in the home, either single or semi-detached house, row home, townhome or season cottage.

How To Apply

Fill out the form above, we will contact you and have your home assessed. We will then send you a proposal of work and explain how to receive the grant.

Our Solar Products

Why Choose Solar?

Solar energy is an infinitely renewable resource that uses the sun’s rays to generate electricity for use in your home. By going solar, you can reduce your energy costs and also lower your dependence on fossil fuels, thereby making your own contribution to a cleaner environment.

Use Electricity Much?

Get in touch with Rikur Energy today and start making your own. It's that simple.

Our Recent Work

"I’ve been very pleased with my new solar energy system and Rikur Energy. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, as well the install was quick and simple. Rikur Energy took care of all he paperwork with BC Hydro and the city so I didn’t have too. With my house and electric car now powered by solar energy it’s one small step in helping our planet for the future."


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