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Money saved is better than money earned!

Global energy demands are continuing to grow. With the world's middle-class set to add over 1 billion new borns by 2030 it will take a huge amount of investment into every energy source to meet that worlds need.

If we don't change our ways, mother earth will. We're seeing how fast our earth can repair itself like in the canals of Venice, the smog clearing up in LA. This 2 week quarantine isn't enough for the world to clean up its act.

Solar PV is the future.

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Benefits of Solar

There are a number of financial and environmental benefits when you decide to go solar.

Solar Facts & Statistics

Many studies have shown the positive financial and environmental impact solar panels can make.

Solar FAQs

We’ve got the answers to questions you may have when making the steps to go solar.

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- Testimonials -

  • I’ve been very pleased with my new solar energy system and Rikur Energy. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, as well the install was quick and simple. Rikur Energy took care of all he paperwork with BC Hydro and the city so I didn’t have too. With my house and electric car now powered by solar energy it’s one small step in helping our planet for the future.

    Eric Fryer

  • Lam Metal Contracting Ltd. has had the pleasure of working with the principals of Rikur Energy on multiple projects over the past 12 months. They have installed a Solar Array on our manufacturing facility as well as serviced some of our clients by installing components for future solar consideration. They have always performed their work in a professional manner and delivered the finished product on time and on budget.
    Lam Metal Contracting Ltd. will continue to refer Rikur Energy and look forward to working with them in the future.
    Jack Lam President, Lam Metal Contracting Ltd.
  • Thank-you for the installation of solar panels on our roof at Amess Street, New Westminster. Rikur Energy made it so easy to go solar. Their One Stop Shop approach was fast, efficient and took care of all of the details of our solar panel installation. They provided a thorough and comprehensive outline of costs, expectations and work. All of the required paperwork, permits, correspondence with the city, etc., was taken care of by Kol – I didn’t have to do anything! The crew showed up at our house at 9:00 AM and by 5:00PM we were generating electricity. Installing solar panels has been an effective way to reduce our carbon footprint and also provides an opportunity to connect with others to discuss sustainability issues.

    I would definitely recommend Rikur Energy to anyone who is looking to install solar panels. Thank-you again, it was a pleasure dealing with such a professional outfit.

    C Lewis

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