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Electric Vehicles Charging Station

Electric vehicles (EVs) offer clean, energy efficient transportation. This cutting-edge technology is making driving more sustainable and is propelling EVs to be the most popular car on the market in British Columbia. With growing interest, electric vehicles are becoming more affordable every day.

Whether you own an electric vehicle or are planning to purchase one, you will need access to a compatible EV charger. At Rikur Energy, we provide professional EV charger installation, repair, and maintenance throughout Vancouver, Burnaby, and surrounding BC areas. Our company can ensure the smooth operation of your EV charger, no matter the make or model of electric vehicle you drive. Or if it's time for an upgrade, we can recommend the perfect infrastructure to optimize your EV experience. Simply park, plug, and charge with an expertly installed EV charger from Rikur Energy.

EV Charger Brands

Whether you have a model in mind or no idea where to start, our EV charging station contractors are here to support you. In terms of safety, efficiency, and reliability, some brands perform better than others. At Rikur Energy, we recommend brands such as Tesla, Siemens, and FLO. However, we can install, repair, maintain, and advise on all makes of EV charging stations. Tested and approved, we can help you find the EV charger that best meets your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Tesla Certified Installer in Vancouver

  • Tesla has certified Rikur Energy as installer in Vancouver
  • Chargepoint has certified Rikur Energy as EV installer in Vancouver

EV charging stations and electric vehicles are becoming more and more common on roads in Vancouver and throughout the rest of Canada. These EV cars provide drivers with a cleaner alternative to traditional gas-powered combustion vehicles. Unlike a gas-powered car, electric vehicles require no fossil fuels to function, meaning electric car owners never have to spend money refuelling their cars with expensive gasoline. They also get the added benefit of a drastic reduction in their carbon footprint, which goes toward reducing the overall level of harmful carbon dioxide pollutants in our planet’s air.

There are many benefits to owning an electric vehicle, however there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your car charged. Every electrical car on the road today runs on a battery that needs to be recharged on a regular basis. Just like a gas-powered car needs to be regularly refuelled at a gas station, an electric vehicle requires a power charging station to keep its batteries charged and the engine running. These charging stations, known as EVSEs (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) are usually included with the lease or purchase of an electric car by the dealership or car manufacturer, but there are many cases where electric car owners must find and install their own charging stations. If you need a charging station for your electric car, be sure to contact the EVSE experts at Rikur Energy.

Charging your EV cars become easier when you have installed EV charges at your home
Your EV Charging Station Contractors in Vancouver

Best Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Vancouver and BC

At Rikur Energy we are fully committed to providing all of our customers, both residential and commercial, with electric quality installation and lasting solutions when it comes to providing energy efficient electric vehicle charging stations. This not only means that you will receive top quality customer service and workmanship when it comes to service and repair jobs, but also the highest quality products for things like solar power systems and charging stations for your electric vehicle. If you are in the market for a new EVSE for your electric vehicle, be sure to contact us directly for a no-obligation quote for your new electric vehicle charging station in Vancouver. Once you’ve made your selection, we will be happy to provide you with a fast and reliable installation, so you can start charging your car easily and conveniently inside your home’s garage!

Best EV Charging Installation Station Contractors in Vancouver

Different Levels of EV Charge Stations

As EV charging station contractors, we have installed hundreds of EV chargers throughout Vancouver. Depending on your budget, the type of electric vehicle you drive, and the speed of charge you are looking for, we can install Level 1, 2, and 3 EV charging stations.

Level Usage 1-hour of charging Empty to full recharge Electrical requirements Install Advantages Disadvantages
1 Residential EV charger 10-16 KM of charge power 12-16 hours 120v 15 amp EV charger plugs into 120v outlet simple, cost-effective, and portable device slower charging speed
2 Residential and commercial EV charger 16-32 KM of charge power 6-8 hours 240V with 14-50 R receptacle Comes with both plug-in and hardwired charger connection options offers faster at-home EV charging than Level 1 chargers higher cost
3 Commercial EV charger 65-80 KM of charge power 40 minutes 480V with direct-current (DC) plug used for commercial installation at public charging stations, rest stops, shopping malls, car garages, dealership venues, etc. offers fast charging for optimal convenience higher equipment costs, complicated install, not for residential usage

EV Home Charger Constructors in BC & Vancouver, BC

Having an in-home charging station makes it so much easier to get the most out of your electric car in terms of accessibility and monitoring your overall energy consumption. Cars are meant to add convenience to your life, and an electric car should be no different. Although it may take some getting used to at first, driving an electric vehicle is one of the best things you can do to start drastically reducing your carbon footprint. With an in-home charging station, you will be able to quickly start driving your electric car as if it was any other car you’ve owned in the past, just as long as you remember to plug it in each day!

In British Columbia, EV drivers have access to money-saving rebates. These rebates can help cover the cost of the purchase and installation of your charging station, making sustainability even more accessible. Managed by BC Hydro under the Clean BC Go Electric program, it offers rebates for single-family homeowners (including townhomes and duplexes), apartment and condominium owners, as well as business owners and commercial workplaces. Not only can our company help with EV charger installation, but we can ensure you meet the requirements to qualify for rebates with BC Hydro.

To learn more about Rikur Energy‘s electric vehicle charging station EVSE services, or our other quality electrical installation and repair services, be sure to contact us directly via phone 604-Go-Solar or email, or like us on Facebook to receive all of our latest news, promotions and updates!

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EV Home Charger Constructors in Vancouver

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