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Commercial Solar Power System

Rikur Energy is committed to helping businesses make the switch to renewable energy so you can take control of your energy costs. Rising energy costs are a reality for every organization, and investing in grid-tied solar electric systems is a powerful way to reduce operational costs.

In addition to the economic benefits, you will advance your business into a cleaner, brighter future, applying best practices towards your organization’s sustainability goals. Investing in solar energy solutions underpins your commitment to reduce your carbon footprint and reveals to your customers that your business cares about the environment.

Using solar power for your commercial property represents quality, care and operational efficiency and demonstrates a corporate commitment to the planet, a benchmark to set you apart from your competitors.

Commercial Grid-Tied Solar Electric Systems

  • Photovoltaic (PV) modules convert sunlight into direct current (DC) power.
  • The inverter(s) convert DC electricity from the solar array to the AC electricity found in the building.
  • The inverter feeds electricity into the electrical distribution system.
  • When your PV system production exceeds your demand, for instance at night or rainy days, the extra electricity is fed immediately to the grid; the bidirectional meter, provided free by the utility, tracks the exported energy and the utility reconciles credits for usage (net metering), which is reflected on your electric bill.

Net Metering

  • A grid-tied net metering system gives your business the advantages of producing your own clean renewable energy, noise-free and without maintenance hassles.
  • The system allows solar energy production to be fed directly into the building’s electrical distribution.
  • If solar is providing an excess amount of energy, it will be sent to the grid and the utility meter will track it.
  • Net metering allows any utility customer to gain credit for electricity generated with solar energy.
  • Effectively, net metering allows you to generate excess power during the day, and use it at night without the use of batteries.

By investing in solar power, businesses can insulate themselves from rising utility rates and avoid the volatility in the utility markets. By taking the variable nature out of your utility costs, such as eluding seasonal swings in utility rates due to high consumption i.e. summer/winter, it becomes a more accurate fixed expense.

Commercial Solar Power Installation

  1. Initial estimate: Phone consultation and budget. If high quality satellite images are available, we can provide accurate estimates for system size and energy production for your specific business.
  2. Site assessment: We execute a site visit to obtain detailed site-specific information required for a solar installation including, a Hydro bill audit, electrical, structural and roofing evaluation. For new commercial construction, we can design a system from the architectural drawings.
  3. System design & quote: We will design a system specific to your roof space, budget, and electricity needs. Rikur Energy provides a design to show your roof’s appearance with solar panels as well as an economic analysis.
  4. Permitting and grid connection application:Rikur Energy takes care of all the permits required (electrical, building and/or development permits, and net metering) and the application to inter-connect the system to the grid.
  5. Installation and commissioning: Installation of the Ballast system and online monitoring by our highly trained and experienced installation crews.

Section 43.2 Federal Tax Incentives for Commercial Projects

A 50% accelerated CCA is provided under Class 43.2 of Schedule II to the Income Tax Regulations for specified clean energy generation equipment. Eligible equipment includes solar thermal, solar air and solar photovoltaic equipment while project size restrictions have been eliminated.

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one tree planted reforestation partner

For every solar panel we install at Rikur, we plant a tree.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization that gives you the ability to easily plant trees around the world. They work with NGOs worldwide that have collectively planted millions of trees. Partners work hand-in-hand with local communities to ensure that proper native tree species are planted in the most sustainable manner.