How Much Does it Cost to Charge an Electric Car in Vancouver?

cost electric car charge

With each passing decade, the damage done to the earth’s environment becomes more prevalent and irreversible.  It comes as no surprise that with every generation the importance and necessity of clean energy and green initiatives become more important.  Every generation is handed a disintegrating environmental situation that they must contain and repair before it becomes too late.  Luckily, the passage … Read More


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SOLAR POWER IS A GREAT INVESTMENT From a financial perspective, Solar Power is a GREAT investment.  In British Columbia, this fact is not yet widely accepted or understood.  And it is difficult to prove without a few spreadsheets, the thought of which usually sends people into a deep slumber.  However, in this post, I will present the information that substantiates … Read More

Is it Worth it to Install Solar Panels in Vancouver?

Solar Panels in Vancouver

Solar energy is quickly emerging as an ideal alternative to traditional methods of generating electricity. For the most part, Vancouver residents are used to drawing power from the grid and paying BC Hydro for the service. With a solar panel setup, however, BC Hydro customers can actually start to generate their own clean energy, and in some cases can sell … Read More

What Factors Determine Solar Panel Efficiency?

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Solar energy is quickly developing into the next major source of renewable energy used by businesses and individuals all over the world. As the popularity and knowledge about solar energy panels continue to expand, more and more people may find themselves wondering about solar panel efficiency. To help you get a solid understanding of what contributing factors help determine solar … Read More