Can Solar Panels Break?

broken solar panels

Modern solar panel manufacturers have advanced their technology. Most of the solar panels can last for duration of twenty-five to thirty years.  However, the panels are still bound to breakdown. They are made in a way that can withstand strong impacts and weather elements, but with time they are still prone to damage. There are certain extreme elements that they … Read More

Can I Add Solar Panels to an Existing System?

Man installing solar panels

Solar panel systems on a home can go a long way towards reducing energy costs and consumption, while significantly shrinking a household’s carbon footprint. As the benefits of powering your home on solar energy become better known, more people are looking to jump on the solar energy bandwagon, while those who are already enjoying the benefits of renewable energy at … Read More

Can Solar Panel’s Overheat?

solar panel recharging from the sun

If you ask most people, they would probably agree with the idea that putting a solar panel array in the hottest parts of the word that get the most sunshine is the best way to generate the most energy. Although its true that an abundance of sunshine is ideal for generating a lot of power using photovoltaic panels, too much … Read More

Reasons Why 2019 is The Best Year To Get Solar Panels

do i need solar panel in 2019

It’s 2019 and concerns for CO2 emissions and climate change are on a lot of peoples’ minds. For most people though, this still needs to be balanced with affordability and price. Solar power in the US now offsets more than 73 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually (the equivalent of taking 15.6 million vehicles off the road). Installation of … Read More

Solar Thermal Heating? What are the benefits of using Solar Thermal Heating

Solar Thermal Heating

Our future will be greatly influenced by the decisions we make when it comes to our energy consumption and where our energy comes from. Switching to clean renewable energy will help greatly to reduce our climate footprint and solar energy is one of the unlimited resources at our disposal. In fact, the sun provides the earth with as much energy … Read More