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Solar PV System Installations

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Consultation & Initial Proposal

A representative from Rikur Energy will make contact with the prospective customer and gather information about the prospective system site.  At this point we will provide answers to any questions posed by the customer and attempt to determine if there is a budget in mind to work with. 

To come up with ballpark cost estimates for rooftop solar PV installations, the following information is needed:

  • Prospective client’s reason(s) for interest in a solar PV system (offset Step 2, Net-zero, Environmental stewardship, etc.)
  • Address of the property
  • Roof age, slope/pitch, type (composite, tile, metal, etc.)
  • Energy Consumption history from Utility (BC Hydro, Fortis) ideally over a 1 year period. However, if this is not readily available, we will use typical household values of 1,000-1,500 kWh per month based on property size.

Some of the above information can be collected by Rikur Energy by surveying the property remotely via mapping software such as Google Maps.  However, the prospective client will need to supply the remainder either by email or a phone call.

Once we have enough information, we will present the prospective customer with a professional proposal that includes a graphical representation of what their property will look like with a solar PV system.

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Site Visit

If the prospective client is happy with the Consultation and Initial Proposal, we will request to do a site visit to confirm the information already received, as well as to gather some more information in preparation for producing a comprehensive project quote.  The remaining information we confirm and collect is:

  • Amount of available unobstructed space on the roof in any southwesterly, southerly, or southeasterly direction (northerly facing roof surfaces are not recommended)
  • Electrical service to the property (100A, 200A, 400A)
  • Space in electrical main service panel (1 or more 2-pole breakers are needed)
  • Electrical cable run options from the solar PV system to the nearest existing electrical service panel.
  • Access for project equipment delivery to the property
  • Access to the roof

The site visit is also a good time for the prospective client to express any remaining concerns they have with anything related to the project, which we are happy to address.

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Comprehensive Quote

After the site visit is complete Rikur Energy will gather any remaining information necessary in order to produce a comprehensive quote including a list of all equipment and materials expected to be used, hours of labour, permit fees, etc.

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Contract & Building Permit (if necessary)

If the prospective client is happy with the comprehensive quote provided, Rikur Energy will provide them with a Statement of Work in the form of a contract to be signed.

As soon as the contract has been signed, a building permit application will be submitted (if required) to the local municipality.

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Installation & System Monitoring

If the local municipality does not require a building permit, a date can be set for when installation can begin.  If a building permit was required, installation can begin after approval is received for said permit.

Installation of a solar PV system by Rikur Energy strives to be as minimally invasive as possible.  We respect the property and aim to leave the jobsite in the same condition we found it, if not better, like we were never there.  The only thing that should be different is that there is a solar PV system now in place producing electricity.

If the client is around at the time of the installation completion, Rikur Energy will provide a tutorial on how to access the monitoring system included with the project.  Additionally, an email will be sent with the details of the monitoring system for future reference and just in case the client was not available.

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