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Solar PV System Installations


Our 5 Step Solar Panel System Process

  1. Phone Consultation and Budget
  2. Site Visit, Hydro Bill Audit. Electrical, Structural and Roofing Evaluation
  3. Engineering and Quote
  4. Application for permits and net metering. Design system
  5. Installation and online monitoring


Solar Site Assessment

A detailed and comprehensive solar panel site assessment is a necessary step for any solar panel installation.

A typical site assessment includes the following:

  • Accurate measurements of roof or ground space including locations of plumbing stacks, chimneys, skylights, attic vents, etc
  • Shading analysis from proposed location for solar (sometimes several points need to be analyzed to determine the best location) – this data is used to provide accurate energy production estimates
  • Discussion with home or business owner to determine route of cable from site of solar electric array to location of inverter/mains panel

Rikur Energy will provide preliminary ballpark cost, energy production, and an economic analysis specific to your home/building through email as a first step. We would be pleased to provide a free and comprehensive site assessment after this initial step. For new construction residential and commercial projects, Rikur Energy can provide a design and quote directly from the drawings for the building.


What Is The Residential Solar Installation Process Like From Start To Finish?

  • Getting started and understanding the process can often be fraught with uncertainty for those unfamiliar with the industry. Many questions arise; Rikur Energy is here to answer your specific question. We provide turn-key systems and take care of all of the permitting, grid connection application, etc.

Here Is A List Of The Steps For A Typical Solar PV System Installation:

  1. Initial estimate – If high-quality satellite images are available, we can provide accurate estimates for system size and energy production for your specific house.
  2. Site assessment – We visit the site to obtain detailed site-specific information required for a solar installation including detailed roof measurements, electrical capacity of your electrical system and a shading analysis (if required). For a new construction home, Rikur Energy can design a system right from the architectural drawings.
  3. System design & quote – Rikur Energy will design a system specific to your roof space, budget and electricity needs. We will provide you with a design showing what your home will look like with solar on the roof as well as an economic analysis.
  4. Permitting and grid connection application – Rikur Energy takes care of ALL the permitting required (Electrical, Building and/or Development permits) and the application to interconnect the system to the grid.
  5. Installation and commissioning – By our highly trained and experienced installation crews.
one tree planted reforestation partner

For every solar panel we install at Rikur, we plant a tree.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization that gives you the ability to easily plant trees around the world. They work with NGOs worldwide that have collectively planted millions of trees. Partners work hand-in-hand with local communities to ensure that proper native tree species are planted in the most sustainable manner.