8 Simple Steps to Plan a Home Solar Electric System in Vancouver

8 simple home solar planning steps

Installing a home solar system in Vancouver is a great investment. It is a way of ensuring that your home will be self-sufficient when it comes to energy. Besides, the panels save you a lot of money you would otherwise spend on electricity bills. However, it is good to note that the efficiency of the panel will be highly determined on how the entire solar system is installed. High level planning is required to ensure that everything will run smoothly after the job is completed.  There are certain steps you need to follow as you install the solar system. With a solar panel contractor, there is no need to worry because they know the steps to follow to ensure that your panels will work perfectly.

Steps in Planning your Home Solar Electric System

1. Assess your property energy efficiency

Before you commence the home solar system installation process, you need to consider your overall energy needs. Besides, you should also put in mind potential efficiency upgrades. You need to know the overall electricity use and select cost-effective measures before doing the installation.

Energy efficiency rating graph

Energy efficiency rating graph

It is your home energy needs that determine the type, number and size of solar panels to install. Your solar panel contractor will advise you on the best options after understanding your home overall energy needs. To determine your needs, you should take into factor; electronics and appliances used, lighting needs, cooling or heating and home energy audits.

2. Determine the potential of your solar

Solar quantity

solar panels

Before you decide on the best way to make use of solar power in your home, it is advisable to assess the amount of solar energy that can be generated. Note that Solar system makes use of both scattered and direct sunlight to generate electricity. However, the amount produced by your solar system will be determined by the amount of energy that reaches the system and size of the panels. The good thing is that there are several mapping tools and services that can help you make the correct determination. There are also some services that provide information on the potential costs, estimated size and savings you enjoy. Some of the other factors that will determine solar energy potential include the age of your roof and nearby shade that may affect sunlight penetration.

3. Determine your solar electricity requirements

To assist your contractor make the right determination of your home solar electricity needs, you need to provide them with some crucial information. Some of the information needed include your electricity bills, which will help determine the amount you consume every month. Besides, you should also take into factor if there are some changes you are planning to make. This ensures that as the home solar system Vancouver installation is done, such future needs are put into consideration. By doing this, you save time and money you may need to upgrade your system when the energy needs increase in the future.

4. Get quotes and assessments from solar contractors

solar energy quotes

Solar energy quote

As you search for solar panel contractors, you need to only work with those who are fully certified, accredited and have the right qualifications. You can get referrals from others who have installed solar systems in their homes successfully on the best contractor you can hire. Before you can entrust your project to any installer, be sure to check they have all the required documents. This is a sign they are not only qualified but reputable in the industry. Compare the quotes provided by the different installers so that you can get the one charging the most affordable pricing for the entire installation project. Besides, work with a contractor with a long-term warranty for the solar panel and also their installation services.

5. Know the available incentives and financing

With the many initiatives geared towards encouraging homeowners to go solar in Vancouver; there are financing and other incentives provided as a result. Some of the incentives may be tax benefits and other local utility incentives. In addition to the incentives, you should also consider the financing options that can help you cater for some of the cost involved in the installation process.


6. Work together with your contractor from the start to the end

Working with solar contractors

working with solar contractors

With the vast experience and knowledge contractors have in the solar energy industry. They know all the steps and requirements before installing the solar system in homes. Thus, they can assist you to go through the required steps and permitting. They will determine the right size of the system that will work perfectly in your home. Besides, they ensure that all the solar panel components are installed right and oriented in a way to ensure that your panel leverage the maximum amount of sunlight.

If you find yourself wondering where to begin or need some expert advice on how you should go about planning solar panel systems at your home, be sure to contact our friendly solar panel contractors to get started!